No need for voiceovers, i think... but whatever people decide.
I dont need them, personally. (currently im playing and disliking these two people who took over MY Source Hunters a lot. Thats certainly not my Roderick talking there and especially not MY Scarlet)



The main point of this is to enable Larian studios to earn more from their game, expand the content and the game itself, - and enhance the community interaction which only pays back good dividends, but that modders who do the best works also get something from it, because making big mods is very demanding and costly work. In time and therefore various personal expenses.

Details would need to be thought about and arranged but overall, i think such a setup is good for everyone. Or would be, if it can be agreed upon.

If some sort of relatively simple arrangement could be made - this would be a win-win deal for everyone.

It would also result in players getting much better quality mods then its usual.