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Controller support for games like Xcom is what ruined it for me. I don't think Larian should even consider doing a controller version as this would probably impact on the K and M version, same as Xcom.
If you want to play with a controller (2nd rate form of controlling games) play PS3 and Xbox games.

What are you on Willis? XCOM is brilliant with a controller.

I'm as Master Race as the next guy, I've got a mech keyboard, I have a Naga etc, but controllers are a valid option for PC gaming, get with 2014 homie.

The mentality of "oh, you prefer using a controller, you must be an imbecile" needs to stop, period.

It's just another way of controlling a game, and for a lot of us (with big TVs/comfy couches/beds by their PCs) it's a blessing and a highly valued additional option.

Note I used the word "option", as it's not normally something that is a massive undertaking (if Pinnacle can do it, I'm sure the super skilled devs at Larian could wack it out in a millisecond), and has the potential to bring over more of your dreaded console sub-humans (like myself in a way) to the game, which can only be a good thing.

Obviously, someone will mod this in eventually, but it would be cool if Larian took the first step and did it also. I would like to play in equal parts at my gaming desk (which I do actually prefer for this I reckon) and part on my bed which has a LED TV in front of it hooked up to the PC, for when it's cold (aka now, here in NZ it's -2 degrees!).