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Metal armor | Leather armor + Metal scraps
Scale armor | Leather armor + Scale scraps
Metalic Boots | Scrap of Metal + Anvil

aren't working for me. And nothing I make with the magic needle and thread is actually magical. (magical seems to be working today, hooray)

No fun!

The scale scraps aren't working for me either with anything, also the plate scraps, I think these ones may be a little buggy. frown

Thanks, In my current game i've had no luck getting any Metal scaps / Scale scraps to try alternate recipes so im just trying to get these to see if I can find if recipe has changed or just removed (Maybe I just noted it down wrong)

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Tenebrium Bar + Any Weapon = Tenebrium Enchanted Weapon (Damage scale with weapon level)

Thanks updated this! have not come across these either but assume they are more towards end game.

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Invisible Potion: Air resistance Potion + Armour Potion

Nice one!

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Yes but how you apply the elemental essences? Combining them doesn't seem to work... Do I need a good level in crafting/blacksmithing?

Enchanting weapons / armor with essences requires 5 in Crafting/Blacksmithing skill