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It's sad when a game has to get good reviews to be successful, we all know this game is fun without validation from some stranger you've never met

Well, we could be selfish and think "i am having fun so i don't care about what others think", but i believe most people here are fans and realy want the game to do well finantialy, and that (as you say) needs a lot of famous-strangers to validate that fun in reviews, so that publicity makes the game a sucess in sales.

I do believe that most PC gamming reviewers will rate the game in the 85ish range, probably a few in the 90s but those probably will be the more RPG-hardcore oriented.

Expecting a few reviews under 80 because some reviewers just can't be bothered to do a very in-depth exploration and are probably the wrong person to do an CRPG review, but that is unavoidable and expectable in all game-genres.

All in all, we will probably end up with metacritic 84-86 and user metacritic of 86-89. This are my predictions lol smile

I want the game to do well, so why not contribute to positive user reviews than relying on "official" reviews to validate your enjoyment of this game? like you said, sometimes the wrong reviewer gets assigned to this game and that's leads to subpar reviews being churned out.

I certainly wouldn't a twitch gamer to review this game positively.

I personally don't expect one magic number to properly quantify the entire quality of a game

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