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As I recall, a Pillars of Eternity developer spoke briefly about the difficulties in designing that style of game (isometric, party-based, tactical combat, cursor-over interactivity) to explain why they are focusing on mouse&keyboard, and not providing official controller support. Obsidian considers the mouse&keyboard to be most suited to that style of game. Perhaps someone could find the link.

I was under the impression Dragon Age: Origins was a sub-par experience on consoles due to the difficulties Bioware faced implementing the tactical (top-down) camera and controller interface when porting the game from PC. However, it will be interesting to see if they manage to create an equally good experience using both interfaces in Inquisition, as they have been aiming for both systems from the get go. Personally, I have far greater hopes that PoE will be a game I'll enjoy, though what Bioware manages to achieve can certainly inform the debate.

It is not a trivial thing to do properly (though the SkyUI mod makes a mockery of Bethesda) and requires the game to be designed to account for each interface type. So there is merit in the argument that to make the best game possible one needs to focus on a singular interface, in terms of cost-effectiveness of development. That is not to say that controller support is impossible to do well or undesirable, simply that it is understandable that a development team may choose to focus on the type of interface device they consider to work best for their game.

DA:O was awesome on console. No control problems at all (or UI, for that matter).