Certainly feels at way. It seems dex focused character (rogue and ranger)MUST be a utility bot, because they can't succeed in anything else.

I would think a rogue with backstab (which require the entire party to build around it, aka let rouge sneak pre battle, no friendly fire, draw attention away from rogue etc)would be the instant death of everything, then I realized even with all that setup, the backstab is hardly better than a single hit from a 2handed warrior. Sure you could go invisible and sneak on the enemy, or but the warrior can do the same with 1 point in air magic, or you know, just ram the damn target. The difference is the rogue is only good for the said backstab, then he is useless for the rest of the battle, serving only as a squishy melee CC bot. You also have to babysit the rogue constantly so he doesn't drop like a fly.

On the other hand, the 2h warrior can do the same "backstab" damage constantly, its not a one trick pony, and on top of that can serve as a tank, and require no setup. For CC, the mage lightning stun feel so much easier than a rouge melee CC, plus mages have real utility with elemental combo and summons, they also actually do (consistent) damage and you know...not being in melee range.

Ranger suffer the same problem, (very) subpar damage compare to warrior, safer due to range, but also squishy so when he does get hit so its not that much better. Special arrows are good but can't find a shaft anywhere. Basically it feels like playing a class with a weapon that constant "breaks" and require luck to "repair" the said weapon, and if you are not lucky, well ... to bad.

So my point is, dex based class is not flush out. You got the setups, good, but the said setup does not yield the results compare to the effort. You are only as good as other class with the setup, and anything less you become a burden. You also have NOTHING else to fall back on should the setup fail, either by your fault or RNG.

To me each meta type class need "the thing" to make them worthwhile, but currently dex class don't have it. For example a rogue should be allowed a "dual wield" spec, and it should the highest damage of all classes, but in exchange, you have zero range (even worse than 2hander warrior), melee, and super squishy (no shield/bad armor). Range stance should be changed to give a "hyper" damage buff but in exchange roots you in place for x turns. So you are trading your safety and mobility for damage. Options like this will make the class more well rounded and less of a one trick pony.