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Big heads up on that file. I created the file from a .txt file in the game directories during Alpha when we could see them. Several things ~have~ changed significantly since then (also stats) especially in the blacksmithing vs crafting categories. Also naming of items has changed. So, consider the file a good start, but it is definitely not up to date with the changes made during the various beta builds. I didn't want to the update until things had settled down a bit. (Like Blacksmithing, Repairing, Crafting, and making scrolls once required a certain level of magic as well) And now the information I used to create the original one has been cleverly hidden in some other files. I might be able to find it in the toolkit, not sure yet. They have some great 3rd party extraction programs for modders for Skyrim, but that doesn't mean it will work with the Divinity Engine (have to take a look!)

So, xrogaan, since you are volunteering to do all the updates for the file, I'll stop fiddling around with what I have now. Which is good for me since I just started a new job this week and have a little less time on my hands smile

I found the new item combo file in the game's Main.pak. Well, I assume it the one used. I'm in the process of converting it to a readable / better formatted version.