Having a Diablo-style loot system in a game with no random enemies or encounters ruins the balance of the gameplay and also makes exploring far less interesting. When any random enemy can drop a magical item with any stats on it it really makes opening chests or killing bosses less rewarding. Magical items should be rare and have their own stories. I really hope for Larian's next game they change the loot system to be closer to games like Baldur's Gate or Morrowind, not just for gameplay balance but also for world building.

I have boots with +1 bartering on one of my characters, I probably looted them off a skeleton or zombie. How much cooler would it have been if I got those boots from a quest tied to a merchant, or even looted them off the body of a travelling merchant? It's little things like this that go a long way to making the game world feel alive.

Although I am really liking Divinity OS, I haven't felt like the world could be real, it just feels like I'm playing a video game.

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