So, I've condensed the current version of ItemCombos down to its essentials. It needs to be cleaned up and formatted for wiki / forum viewing but here it is.

Some observations:
- No recipe for creating Metal Scraps
- No recipe for creating Cloth Scraps
- It is possible to get Milk & Wool via Pet Pal which is not listed here. Milk = Bucket + Milk Cow. Wool = Sheep + Shears. The dialog options to harvest Milk & Wool do not appear unless you have the item in inventory.
- There are some bugs for Sharp Claws & Big Chicken Feet. See the notes in the file.
- Any modder making food will need to remember to create a normal version & a poisoned version for zombie players.
- You can make more backpacks!
- We can recycle weapons, but not armor. Sword & Axe recycling is lossless as long as you didn't boost it with an item, i.e., something other than an anvil or whetstone wheel.
- Crafting drops off after Level 3 (unless doing scrolls) and doesn't get good until Level 5.
- Level 5 versions of weapons & armor have nice bonuses.