More recipies (from the kickstarter backer edition):

Potion (resist all) | fire resistance potion + earth resistance potion
Scale armour | metal scraps + mail armour
Antler helmet | leather cap + magic antler
Crossbow Stock and Limb | Wooden branch + steel bar
Functional crossbow | Crossbow Stock and Limb + bowstring

It's also worth to mention that you can add multiple essences to armours or sarongs. Crafting on level 5 is really, really powerful because you can stack resistances multiple times.

Also the resistances per craft depend on the basic quality of the armour/sarong. Normal/not magical armour only gets 5% resistance when combined with an essence but a rare armour gets 15% and rare robes even 20% per essence. I'm not sure, but I think it's limited at 35% (per resistance category) for rare/magical armour and 40% for rare/magical robes.

Similar is true for weapons. You can for example combine a weapon with a Tenebrium bar and you can combine it with a tormented soul. That way you can craft really powerful weapons...

So think about investing some point in crafting. It's really valuable once you've reached level 5. The downsize is that most really cool stuff isn't available before level 5 so you need to invest a lot of points in the skill.. wink

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