I hope you guys don't mind me asking a few noob questions, the crafting in DOS is kinda confusing to me.

1. Are metal 1H/2H Axe & Sword the only items in game that can be disenchanted/broken down? Every other loot is meant to be NPC'ed for gold?

2. Also, for Boost/Enchancing of crafted Armor and Weapons, the stats that you get are random?
I tried crafting multiple 1H and 2H swords, they all come out with different stats like for example some had +8% Crit Chance only while others had +1 Str only and there were those that had no accompanying stats but have way higher Base Dmg. Those with stats had very low Base Dmg but can be sharpened at whetstone to boost dmg by a little(still lose out to the no stats crafts though) but those with no stats cannot be boosted. I've yet to get a crafted wep that has multiple stats like Crit + Str.

3. Pls correct me if im wrong here but only chest armor pieces can be boosted right?(using anvil or mobile cooking). Glove, belt, boots, helm can only be upgraded in item quality i.e. from white to blue or + resist.

4. To make the armor magical i.e blue, green, yellow quality or to add resist i will need to use armor/leather/cloth scraps and essence etc?

The difference between the different types of upgrading confuses me greatly lol. Appreciate your help!!!

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