Thanks for doing this. Here are more arrowheads to add:

Arrowhead (Explosive) | Minor Fire Resistance Potion + Arrowhead

Edit: Tried this in-game but can't get it to work. Anyone else? It's in the beta recipe sheet, might have changed (I have 3 crafting right now, but didn't see a crafting message fly up)
Arrowhead (Poison Cloud) | Poison Arrowhead + Poison Arrowhead

I will also add that only minor resistance potions produce arrowheads, stronger ones don't combine, so you may want to update the other two recipes featuring resistance potions.

Voodoo Dolls have a progression:
Wooden Figurine | Cloth Scraps + Thread
Magic Voodoo Doll | Voodoo Doll + Pixie Dust.
The magic doll does a decent amount of piercing damage as a single-use item and costs 0 action points. It's created stronger the more crafting you have.

Another thing I made:
Antler Helmet | Magic Antler + Leather Helmet
I *think* it gave me +1 leadership and otherwise didn't change the helmet but I didn't save the results. Sorry.

Finally, I confused by this recipe:
Amulet (Skull) +1 Int | thread + Magic Tusk

Is this Amulet (Tusk) or Amulet (Skull)? And, has anybody found a use for intestines, yet? It says "ingredient" on it...

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