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Hmm... I know nobody wants to hear it from those who have no issues, but I never had a single crash upon saving or loading this game at any moment. Could all of you please list your system specs?

I sincerely hope you mean something like "crash report", or you are hoping to discern something specific that all those specs might share (which might result in these problems).

Because these crashes and troubles with save games are happening to a variety of players on a variety of systems. I admit the possibility of a commonality of influence, but trying to imply the problem is a result of low end systems is beating a dead horse.
I'm sure "yours is bigger than mine" :P

But seriously, I know it's not the quality of my system because it's fine and relatively new. As for any shared cause, I'd be interested as well.
But I don't think this is a user side problem. It's been affecting loads of people before a certain patch, and quite some after it.

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