I have 5 recipes that are not listed (at least as far as I can see). They are:

Large Steel Bar = Large Iron Bar + Furnace
Steel Bar = Hand Axe + Furnace
Leather Scraps = Animal Hide + Knife/Dagger
Rat Tail Ring = Magic Rat's Tail + Jeveller's Kit: Ring - (Poison Resistance: +X%)
Tusk Amulet = Magic Tusk + Thread - (Loremaster: +1)

I have also noted that the HP increase and Poison Resistance increase is depending on the PC level and/or crafting level. For instance when I crated the Rat Tail Amulet, the Rat Tail Ring, and the Tusk Ring, I got Poison Resistance: +10% (all 3 increase poison resistance). When I created the Starfish Amulet I got HP +23 last level and HP +26 this level.

Maybe the stat increase (for instance Intelligence +1) can be more than +1 if the PC Level and/or crafting level is high enough.