I have a general question about crafting weapons and armors with blacksmithing/crafting skill. So far i pretty good with improving my stuff thx to this post, but HOW ( and please if you have a answer, do it precisly :P ) can i create GREEN and/or BLUE or even yellow/orange Armor and Weapons?

My Blacksmithskill is 4 right now, i read is some posts that you need 5 for the good ones.

So can someone explain to me HOW EXACTLY the blacksmithskill works into the creation?

right now with my 4 skill i can only create the same 1h sword, same stats, white, 100% the same.

Does this change when i get 5? does it get even higher with 6 or 7? can i make green blues then? Because right now there is zero need to craft my stuff because i all wear orange stuff weapons who might not have the biggest dmg but encahnts like ( +2 constitution, +1 onehand, +60hp) that beats no whitch superior dmg weapon.

So can i get green weapons with blacksmithing who hast + onehandskill + streanght and stuff?
or is tormented soul the only way to get at least some stats on weapons?

edit: well i saved before i respecced, and tryd every single skillpoint from blacksmithing. You can only craft white swords which increase ONLY their dmg by increasing your blacksmith skill, lv 5 is the last sword ( superior sword) which can at least come in 2 variations 110- 190~~ dmg 1,5critdmg, 0 crit. Or 80-160 dmg 1,5critdmg, o crit, +1 max ap. No green or blues, dont now if its even possible to upgrade them. Very disapointing.

the 110-190 dmg version isnt even boostable, right you cant upgrade it via wetstone, so you only can give it 1str1dex from tormented soul and 1 elementaltype.

Thats clearly not better than the orange weapons with multiple enchatns. im lv 16 btw, maybe they increase in their quality but i doubt it.

so creating you own armor and weapons is totally useless in this game? you can boost your found orange items with craftingmats also, why creating you own weaker white ones? or did i miss something.....

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