NWN wasn't that bad... The multiplayer system was quite good and there are quality mods out there. But the single player campaign is too boring. The first 2 chapters/acts were okay, but the plot dragged too much after that (basically, there was no plot advancement after that, only more lackluster hack and slash). The graphics are nice, but too repetative. I would prefer to have pre-rendered background with 3d models (ala Lionheart and Pool of Radiance 2) rather than a fully 3d engine. Oh, and lets not forget about the crates, LOTS of them! Why in the world (Faerun???) would people keep their stuff in crates? And why does it take so long to appear after you destroy the crates? I think they should name it Evercrates Nights.

Probably the only good thing is the implementation of D&D 3rd Edition rules. But with all the problems, I would rather load my copy of Icewind Dale 2 than play another hour of NWN if I wanted D&D.

***speak to the paw, coz the Wolf ain't listening***