So... Last night, my crash on load problem suddenly stopped.

I'm not sure what happened. The only thing I did differently was create a new save (up until then I just overwrote the saves I already made).

I didn't load that new save - I overwrote another some minutes later and loaded that, whereupon the game crashed as usual. After that I overwrote another, loaded it after a while and... It... I don't know, it just... it actually *loaded*.

I had to take a deep breath at that point.

After that everything seems to work normally again; saving, loading, gnashing my teeth at Jahan instead of the umpteenth crash.

Strange though, I didn't do anything different except creating a new save, and I don't see how that might have influenced anything (seeing as to I didn't even touched it since).
I wondered if Larian had send some ninja patch, but that would be hard to do since I was playing the whole time (except for that one crash before it stopped).
Maybe it had something to do with the point in the campaign I've progressed to? The area?


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