NWN ought to burn eternally in the deepest pits of Baator as far as I'm concerned. Why?

The official campaign:
1. The plot is horrible beyond horrible. Predictable from start to finish. Not a single plot twist you can't see coming several miles off, and good lord, why am I calling them "plot twists" at all? The end battle was simply cheap.
2. Some sub-plots disregards the FR canon. Creator Races? Please. Do your research, for the love of gods. And I thought only fanfiction writers spewed such garbage without doing their homework. A professional, paid storywriter actually doing it ticks me off big time.
3. The misportrayal of the character Elaith Craulnober, disregarding any and all of his personality traits as shown in the novels. Yes, I'm a canon purist. Yes, I'm an Elaith fangirl, although I bet most of you don't even know him outside NWN, or even remember him in NWN. (FYI - Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober whom you meet in the second chapter, asking you to retrieve some gems for him, initiating the quest "The Serpent's Gems" that spans several areas.)
4. The henchmen AI. How to put it? Stupid? Idiotic? Dumb? Loathesome? Pathetic? Nearly unusable? Should be shot in the kneecaps and thrown into a vat of boiling acid?
5. Cannot control summoned creatures and henchmen directly.
6. Repetitive tilesets. Didn't take me long to realize that all dungeons, forests, and cities look exactly the same.
7. Horrible graphics. If this is the best you can do with 3D, Bioware, go back to 2D isometric, please. Throw Aurora Engine into the wastebasket while you're at it.
8. Mediocre interface. I'm being polite.
9. Overhyped. Way, way overhyped. It irritates me to think that better games like PS:T didn't get anywhere as much advertisement.
10. Summary: This is Diablo 2 with worse interface and worse graphics, plus a shaky grasp of 3E D&D rules slapped on top.


Mediocre. Unless I find people I know somewhat, I'd rather go play EverQuest for multiplayer experience, thank you very much.