wow you really need something to do in your spare time other than play video games


And you gleaned that from what, pray tell? Analyzing a game that I find distasteful makes me fixtated with video games, or spend all my spare time playing them? Wow, you have wonderful logic going on there! Who taught you to think like that? Because I want to know what kind of drugs your teacher was using. I want some, too.

Oh, and FYI, I spend most of my spare time reading and writing - I don't pick up new games that often anymore, considering the stale "RPGs" they put out lately. And lastly -- there're things called capital letters, proper sentence structure and punctuation. They don't bite, trust me.

It was halfway translated into german.

Don't be fooled by what I just wrote: I meant it ! NWN was halfway translated into german, which means half of the text / program is german, half is still english.

That amazes me, and makes me even more disgusted with Bioware. I mean, ugh, many fan-made (!) mods for BG2 actually have translations in other languages, like German or Spanish. I stresss. Fan-made.

Good gods!