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Basically during the kickstarter and prior to the release you should have named your pet with a description then from the email you would have picked the visual representation and emailed it back to Larian.

Done both but I admit for each the last day limit, so I didn't expected it at release, but after few patch and days I was expecting it.

In fact I suspect I also didn't get the message in the bottle because I found a message in a bottle with only a generic thanks, well not worse than my original message, but seems like all my pledge info get erased.

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When I started a new game on the release date then both my characters could summon the pet from the action bar.

If your pet dies during combat then you can summon again...

Thank you, very clear, now I know what to check, I was starting thought I had to find it during the game.

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The pet is seriously overpowered though.

It levels with your characters and you can summon it four times max. Each char of your party can summon it which is pretty weird because of course it always has the same name. That's imo a glitch that should be fixed because other than usual summons pets don't vanish until they die...

I don't care it is OP, I'll just avoid summon it 4 times, I only want the pet!

I won't bother much about OP because at Normal diff I struggle anyway, my party build probably suck because the class system is... not that well documented and not easy to pinpoint. hehe