just a thought.

Could it be that the reason it was designed to make setting up mods etc easy was for those of us who dont have a) the skill or b) the imagination or c) the knowledge to do wonderous things with mods?

Anyway i do like the game and i guess thats what is important to each of us <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> hehe

Sure, they've stated that that was one of their goals. Which makes it even more important to have more variety in tilesets and such, I would think.

But hey, I didn't despise the game. I'm grateful for any RPG, especially one that makes important advances like NWN did. And I'm glad it was successful so they're encouraged to make more. I'm also convinced that a sequel will be much better now that they've proven the concept and got the fundamental plumbing in place.

I pick on the game, but I'm glad I bought it. I still play it every once in a while, too.

... so I stripped down to nothing but a Super Big Gulp cup and rubberband, and ran up the street screaming "Swing me, gringo!"