I do and i dont like NWN... here are my veiws

I dont like NWN for 5 things

1. I don't like 3rd edition rules cuz they allow a wizard to be able to equipe platemail armour along with some other completly unrealistic feats. Perhaps though this is because I've been playing 2nd edition since 1992.... I'm just not used to third editon cuz I don't like the fact my wizard should be able to equipe any armour except robes, and cloaks...

2. The experiance levels are all the same for every class. In core 3rd edition rules even this is not possible because every class has a differnt experiance cap to reach the next level. Like a paladin has 2200 experiance to reach level 2 and the wizard needs 2500 to reach level 2... but in NWN it is all 1000 experiance for every class.... so every player online will have all the same levels and experiance points meaning the class's are really are all the same just differnt abilitys and feats....

3. The game can get boring after a short period of time because the difficulty of the game was not enough (that is why i basicly stopped playing it anyways) I bought this game cuz i played the baldurs gate series.... great game, but i think the reason why NWN was so much differnt was not only because of the new engine and the new rules but also that bioware did not have blackisle take part in the developement of the game. Im shure if they took part in it they would have had a better story and more immersiveness (don't get me wrong though bioware did a great job on the official campaign modules.. the only problem is that they didnt focus enough on replayability and many other factors that the other rpg's have) (also graphix is nice but it dosnt make a game great.... i feel they focused to much on how the game "looked")

4. A major gripe with all of biowares game is that you can only be a villin if you are the evil pool in your alignment.... you can never be truely evil like the charecters you meet in the game.... in the baldurs gate series i chose lawful evil because Bhaal the assasin was a lawful evil lvl40 assasin... most of the bhaal childern are evil simply because they have the blood of a murderer within them. However i never could really be like bhaal because i could not be a true evil figure in these games.... the same thing goed for NWN.... it is because they put you always with the goodie charecters doing goodie main goals.... in nwn they should have made 2 main goals one for good charecters and the other for an evil charecter.

5. Not enough freedom... felt like i was in a quake 3 game playing in an arena with invisable walls.

5 things why i do like nwn

1. Multiplayer is gotta be one of the major things for me.... i liked it for this option. and also the module builder that came with the toolset.

2. Good graphics, and ripples in the water for 128 meg cards (Like i said though it dosnt make a game) also i liked the artwork and the story.

3. music has always been good in there games i liked that.

4. Constant updates are always good for any game.

5. the amount of what you could do with NWN and the toolset.

conclusion: yes a good game but for me it wore out and i never touched the game again... and probably wont for sometime. I like a game that has good replayability..... there is many factors why i dont play the game anymore.... most of it though is just bordem, and also NWN was just too easy for me.... i didnt even have to lift a finger to defeate most of all the enemies.... This is just me though

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