I don't know about you guys' math and damage math but what grind me a bit is cooldown of rogue skills compared to other "classes".

I'm gonna use my 2 lone wolves as an example.

14 dex
Scoundrel level 5
Expert Marskman level 3

2) wizard
20 int
5 level in water, earth and fire magic

Cloak and Dagger- 6AP to use, 10 turn cooldown vs Tactical Retreat- 4AP, 9 turn cooldown
Charming Touch- 3m range, 6AP, 16(!) turn cooldown vs Rapture- 15m(!), 5AP, 6(!) turn cooldown.
Fast Track- selftarget only, 4AP, 18(!)turn cooldown vs Wildfire (any target) 6AP, 1 (!) turn cooldown.
Eye Gouge- 2.4m range, 4AP, 10 turn cooldown vs Blind- 15m range, 4AP, 1(!) turn cooldown.
Trip- single target, 3m range, 4AP, 10 turn cooldown vs Boulder Bash- AoE, 6AP, 15m range, 1 turn cooldown (!) and way higher damage.

Do you see the problem? Scoundrel skills don't scale that well, be it with level or DEX. Why even use Charming Touch over Rapture when the latter is superior apart from the fact that it does no damage and they use different saving throws?
My wizard has 1 turn cooldown on Immolation, a 13 level skill, while my rogue still has 10, 10 and 12 cooldowns on her starting skills.