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Some unorganized comments:

-Try looking at the most helpful user reviews on Steam. Here's a fun game: drink a shot every time you load another page of reviews and do NOT see any red. Stop drinking once you see red--you win. If you can win the game without passing out... you've a far stronger gut than I.

-DOS' success seems to be coming purely from word-of-mouth. As far as I can tell, Larian has ZERO advertising budget. Hell, most of the big gaming sites haven't even reviewed the game (yet?), nor have most of the big youtube personalities. The big Wasteland, Torment and Eternity kickstarters may have demonstrated that countless gamers still want classic-style CRPGs.... but Original Sin has demonstrated that we still LOVE them.

For your number 1, I'm tempted to give it a red review but the content would be otherwise. Just to stop having tipsy people.

I have suggested to Kripparrian to play D:OS and I'm hoping he would pick it up. He is playing Grim Dawn lately which is another indie game so he might pick this up.

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