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AngryJoe is playing D:OS again! smile


I made the 'mistake' yesterday and googled his coop partner.
Dem b...

And as there are still no reviews out from the big ones, the small ones deliver smile
Pretty good, i think ...

Haha, never argue about taste. Megamanda is Joe's ex-girlfriend IIRC... wink

And well, for a "proper" review you should at least complete the game once imo (otherwise you can never properly evaluate whether the quality in the endgame is any good or whether the story is good at the end and everything else). The guy from the video you've linked only played about 30 hours and then made his "review" (he even admitted that himself). That's not professional. He probably just wanted some more clicks because he's among the first making a review. Every serious reviewer needs at leas 60 hours to complete the campaign. It's six days since release. Well , you can do the maths yourself... wink

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