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And well, for a "proper" review you should at least complete the game once imo (otherwise you can never properly evaluate whether the quality in the endgame is any good or whether the story is good at the end and everything else). The guy from the video you've linked only played about 30 hours and then made his "review" (he even admitted that himself). That's not professional. He probably just wanted some more clicks because he's among the first making a review. Every serious reviewer needs at leas 60 hours to complete the campaign. It's six days since release. Well , you can do the maths yourself... wink

60 hours? I did it in like 30, with a lot of backtracking, confusion surrounding the various puzzles, and reloading next to vendors to get useful items out of them (probably spent over an hour just doing that honestly), while completing most of the quests.

Most isn't all. If you explore everything in Cyseal and really read the dialogue instead of clicking everything away you need at least 15-20 hours in Cyseal. So you definitely rushed through and that's nothing you should do for a decent review.