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If this game gets mediocre reviews, I'm going to be so pissed. It deserves nothing less than a 10/10, IMHO. smile

Edit: that French review was terrible.

It's about an 8/10 if using the most common method of rating a game, although numbers never really do games justice. Deeply flawed games can still be amazing, technically near-perfect games can also be uninspired and dull.

I'd say when it comes to D:OS -

Main Pros:

Enjoyable tactical turn based combat
Solid non-combat gameplay
Well polished aesthetics
Good sense of humor
Functional/easy to set up co-op, at least in my experience

Main Cons:

Bad user interface
Poor/incomplete information for character building
Balance problems
Some bad/overdone gimmicks in both combat and dialogue

An 8/10 by today's standards? Really?


Dragon Age 2 = 82/100-Critic 4.3/10-User
Mass Effect 3 = 89/100-Critic 5.1/10-User
Diablo 3 = 87/100-Critic 3.9/10-User
South Park: Stick of Truth 85/100-Critic 8.6/10-User
Divinity: Original sin ??/100-Critic 9.3/10=User

So... you are saying an 8/10 by today's standards? Really? If we go by today's standards, anything less than a 90 is a flipping lie. While south parks mechanics did pretty well, and the game provided an entertaining experience for those that liked the show (I don't), its depth of system was shallow/simplistic and the game was really short on top of it. Divinity is above it in score easily.

Now for the others... umm... seriously, those games are why they made this game. It is because the market was saturated with complete garbage to which the user scores show. Seriously, 8/10? It is a minimum of a 9/10 IF we are going by today's standards.

8/10? Fucking dishonest all the way around.

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