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Most isn't all. If you explore everything in Cyseal and really read the dialogue instead of clicking everything away you need at least 15-20 hours in Cyseal. So you definitely rushed through and that's nothing you should do for a decent review.

If you meant for "proper" reviews to only include players who have literally completed everything you could possibly do in the entire game you should've specified that. Which incidentally is a comically absurd requirement to put on making a review "proper". That's like saying that a review of Baldur's Gate would be "improper" if the guy making it didn't import a character with pantaloons so that he could make the magical golem armor or whatever it was called. You don't need to do everything to get a good impression of the essence of a game.

I even went out of my way to do things like go back to NPCs to see if they cared about stuff I had done, like killing that old sourcerer warlord-guy (whatever his name was), but nobody seemed to care, so I stopped doing it after leaving Cyseal.

I completed all the quests except kitty love, headless nick, legend of the weresheep, the troll king's treasure cave-thing, and some irrelevant things in hunter's edge and sacred stone. Still made it to lvl 21 and was well on my way to lvl 22, so I can't have missed much, and I didn't even wipe out sacred stone or hunter's edge since it didn't seem to matter what happened in there, and the places were really immersion breaking. I killed like half the population of hunter's edge, including the orc leader chick, before I got bored and left since nobody seemed to care that I was wiping them all out.

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Now for the others... umm... seriously, those games are why they made this game. It is because the market was saturated with complete garbage to which the user scores show. Seriously, 8/10? It is a minimum of a 9/10 IF we are going by today's standards.

8/10? Fucking dishonest all the way around.

By today's standards, sure, since there's nothing else out there. But by the standards of the games it's being compared to it really sucks. Well, the combat in D:OS is a lot better than the old IE games, but the writing and story and quests and the companions (lol) and all that stuff is utterly horrible by comparison.

Personally, I think 7/10 is generous, mostly gained because of the enjoyable combat. Writing/story/quests is like a 4/10.

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