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Now for the others... umm... seriously, those games are why they made this game. It is because the market was saturated with complete garbage to which the user scores show. Seriously, 8/10? It is a minimum of a 9/10 IF we are going by today's standards.

8/10? Fucking dishonest all the way around.

Ahem, just for your information. You can love both Mass Effect and D:OS. Calling some games "garbage" just because you seem to not like their design is kind of insulting...

That being said, most of the user reviews for ME3 e.g. on metacritic are nothing else than laughable and not even really related to the game itself.

8/10 is a good score and well deserved. 7/10 would be poor and 9/10 great but a bit unlikely since D:OS is still kind of a niche game and so naturally doesn't fit ot everyone's taste.

You think way too much in categories, mate. Story is just not the most importang thing in D:OS. It's the first and foremost purpose of a game to be fun and not to fit in a certain category (like RPG or CRPG or whatever)... wink

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