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Now for the others... umm... seriously, those games are why they made this game. It is because the market was saturated with complete garbage to which the user scores show. Seriously, 8/10? It is a minimum of a 9/10 IF we are going by today's standards.

8/10? Fucking dishonest all the way around.

Ahem, just for your information. You can love both Mass Effect and D:OS. Calling some games "garbage" just because you seem to not like their design is kind of insulting...

Liking it is irrelevant. This is not entirely a subjective evaluation here. I still like reading the occasional Xanth novel, I enjoy it, but the writing is terrible, the stories are second rate. I certainly wouldn't refer to it as more than anything other than cheap poorly written fiction. I enjoy it none the less.

Mass Effect 3 is an action junk game that is nothing more than a means to entertain peoples virtual love interests. The writing is cheap Hollywood junk, the mechanics of the game are a cheap arcade thriller and the development and decision system is like a road that splits and turns back in on itself. The original may have been a good start, but they went down hill after. Nothing wrong with you liking it, but liking it doesn't make it quality.

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That being said, most of the user reviews for ME3 e.g. on metacritic are nothing else than laughable and not even really related to the game itself.

Yeah, that is it. That is why most actual good games tend to have good user scores, but crap critic scores while the crap games have high critic scores and lousy user scores. Let us not fool each other. We both know darn well that the critics don't pan big AAA companies because they get punished when they do. /boggle

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8/10 is a good score and well deserved. 7/10 would be poor and 9/10 great but a bit unlikely since D:OS is still kind of a niche game and so naturally doesn't fit ot everyone's taste.

By today's standards, no. If we go by old standards, when they still used to make cRPGs, 8/10 would have been a fair assessment, maybe a 8.5/10. But we aren't going by standards of the past as to do so would be a dishonest evaluation that would let people think that the above games I listed were worth a shit to which they aren't. they are junk, products of big publishers and Hollywood studio gimmicks. They are the Boy Band generation of gaming. So, you have to judge it by the present standards, not the past as we are in the present.

Now if tons of good RPGs start coming out and become the norm, then... well... the standards will change accordingly. Until then, this is a 9.0/10 arguably a 9.5/10 compared to the complete and utter shit that exists today.