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So did anyone figure purpose of Joshua's spice? I saw some food like dwarwen stew maybe it used to create it or another "rare" food. But i hardly can imagine one time consumable with ingridient that cost 800.

I read this can be used with gear (weapons / armor) for a big boost, not sure what it does as I have not found it.

I've tried to combine spice with weapons and armors, not possible for me... probably missing something.

Whoops, missed that there was already some replies here. smile

ItemComboPreviews.lsx shows 10 possible combinations with Joshua Spice, for the 10 weapon categories. You may need to drag the Josh onto the weapon (not the other way around), some of these recipes seem to be reversible while others are not - the syntax in the script doesn't make it clear.

Here's an example of one of the recipes in raw format:

            <node id="Combo">
                <attribute id="Object1" value="LOOT_Pouch_JoshuaSpice" type="22" />
                <attribute id="Category2" value="Axe" type="22" />
                <attribute id="RequiredSkillLevel" value="2" type="4" />
                <attribute id="Icon" value="Object2" type="22" />
                <attribute id="Tooltip" value="Boosted [1]" type="28" />
                <attribute id="CraftAmount" value="7" type="4" />