I have absolutely no idea what you guys are all on about. Rogue being as powerful as a Warrior, Rangers being even remotely useful? Are you guys nuts?

I just remade a new game, and leveled a Lone Wolf Warrior + Ranger and a Debuff/Buff focused magician to level 10. I've had a similarly well equipped Rogue before.

Now with a Rogue that has 5 stealth and Guerrilla, I can hit about 350 damage on backstabs from stealth self buffed and 500ish with Oath of Desecration. Then resneak, do it again, as many times as I want. Costs me 1 AP to sneak and 2 AP to attack every time. And this, it's pretty darn good.

With a 2h Warrior though, vs similar targets. I can hit 250-500ish on single targets without Oath of Desecration and 400-800 with Oath. Without stance or Berserker. This costs me 4 AP per hit. But I can also charge in dealing 200-400 damage to every foe in my Path, I can also unleash two AOE's for 400-800 damage in a single round every round for 3 rounds in a row when hasted.

And there's nothing to stop me from investing in sneak on the Warrior either to make it deal double damage from sneak. Allowing me to sneak in to the middle of the group and oneshot a target at the start of combat just as well as any rogue ever could.

So again, I just don't get where this is coming from. 2H warriors especially are just brutally overpowered really. I'd easily go as far as to say that they're better at being sneaky characters then what Rogues are. A rogue can sneak in and kill maybe 1 target per turn and isn't really worth buffing up.

A warrior on the other hand can sneak in, delay turn, get Oath of Desecration + Wildfire from Wizard (because on a warrior it's worth it), kill a target straight from stealth with a Guerilla attack, Battering Ram in to 5 more, kill them all with Dust Devil, go to next turn and get new AP, rush over to another 5 targets and slaughter half of them with a single Whirlwind then resneak.

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