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Some one find out how to craft Smokescreen Arrowhead please! I have tried so many combos.

I see the recipe for the arrowhead + shaft in ItemCombos.txt, but nothing that yields the arrowhead itself. Maybe oversight, maybe not meant to be crafted. :\

I am starting to think it cannot be crafted either, same goes for the Water Arrow. Add them to the list with a red message saying: Can't be Crafted (yet)

Agreed, I have been trying to find out these recipes but so far have had no luck, Have added Fire, Water and Smokescreen to list but with a message no know recipe at this time.

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Great work!
Most iron weapons can be forged back into (large) iron bars when combined with the forge.

Could you maybe add some kind of Crafting FAQ to the first post?

Awesome idea, In fact I like your FAQ so much that I added that to the top post!