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Mass Effect 3 is an action junk game that is nothing more than a means to entertain peoples virtual love interests. The writing is cheap Hollywood junk, the mechanics of the game are a cheap arcade thriller and the development and decision system is like a road that splits and turns back in on itself. The original may have been a good start, but they went down hill after. Nothing wrong with you liking it, but liking it doesn't make it quality.

And you not liking doesn't make it less quality. I think the writing is decent, the mechanics fun, the decisions engaging. Now what? Opinions, opnions...

Don't mistake opinions for facts.

But yes, Mass Effect is indeed an "action" game. Nobody denied that. There is nothing wrong with making an action game. But haters gonna hate anyway.

The writing was bland, over used and common to the B budget action Hollywood movie script. The mechanics were pointless. You run in, cover... shoot... cover... shoot... cover... shoot. Over and over and over. The mechanics were generic like every other console trash game out there. Character development was dumbed down, and meaningless. You could click randomly and still have no problems with the game. The decisions? Really? Did you ever reload decisions to see how sub decisions and large decisions played out? Yeah..., they all ended up with the same basic result.

The first game, even the second to an extent had different results for the decisions you made. Your story was affected by the decisions. Mass 3 was an on rails kiddie ride. Sure, if you like to watch cut scenes, it can be entertaining, but it isn't a game, it was a gimmick that is all so common to console game. Yes, that is right... Mass 3 was a console game, not a PC game. It was designed for the console crowd in every way shape and form.

The game was garbage and one of the key examples used to show the decline of gaming in general. You liked it, great!! A guilty pleasure, but don't try and fool yourself that there is quality in that title.

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