And another review from

I dare to say that I'm not satisfied with this review. Not because of the score but because the reviewer criticises stuff that is imo just ridiculous...

I mean:

- tedious crafting?
- unbalanced music?
- lacking life?

Wow, we must have played two completely different games then. Hey, but on the other hand: what to expect from someone who gave XCOM EU a 7/10, 19% below the metacritic average and the only yellow review for the game (besides 56 green ones)??? To each their own I guess but it's kind of sad for Larian that this reviews show up on metacritic among the first (at least he gave D:OS 10% more than XCOM)... wink

Oh, and there is also a review from StrategyInformer:

While being quite honest and to the point, the final verdict just indicates another "genre review".

I fear we will see much more "genre reviews" putting D:OS in strict (C)RPG categories and punishing it for "minor" weaknesses that were never the focus of the devs for this game...

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