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Personally, I think 7/10 is generous, mostly gained because of the enjoyable combat. Writing/story/quests is like a 4/10.


By that definition XCOM Enemy Within would be a straight 5/10 because:

9/10 for enjoyable combat
1/10 for story/writing/missions

Glady most professional reviews tend to avoid these category traps nowadays, although you still often see these biased opinions... wink

As much as I loved games like the BG series the writing/story wasn't even better. BG2 was the typical chosen one story which was also strictly linear after act 2 and completely linear in ToB.
DA:O just as BG2 was a generic chosen one story with a minor twist in the middle and that was it. Heck the main villain was completely void of anything and could have been just as easily a giant lego brick, unlike Irenicus/Melissan for example who had some depth at least.
I could go on and bash any great game but I think I made my point.