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Sorry if this was listed in the preceding pages. I scanned through quickly to find an answer but to no avail so I am forced to ask: I'm in Hiberheim and my chars are clearly freezing. On the Steam forum someone mentioned crafting snow boots but did not give a recipe. Is there one? Are their recipes for other gear that will keep out the cold too?

Again sorry if this has been asked or listed before. I did go through the pages before asking but I may have missed the answer.

You will probably be better off viewing and checking in the new thread, its far more up to date than this one now.


To prevent the freezing you would be best buffing your gear with cold reset and using spells such as immunity to freezing, check out the >>>>> Enchanting Equipment <<<<< section of refer thread for various recipes for this.

Also a neat recipe which will help your chars from falling over on ice
[CR X] + Immunity to Falling/Slippery | Any Footwear + Nine Inch Nails

Also in the refer thread under same section.