Some people are either trolling or ignore logic depending on the product?

Almost every single game has an awful story - same goes for most movies - and for most books and tv-shows.

Compared to other games D:OS actually has a great and funny story that doesnt take itself to serious. I would give the story a 8-9/10 at least from where i am now. But you have to realize that this is my score in comparison to other games storys - from a story only - point of view the score would be way lower but this would also make most games a 0-1/10 ...

To be honest these days my expectations have become so low that i am actually already pleased if the story is not utterly dumb and doesnt contradicts itself within the first few minutes of a movie or a game ... (which is sad)

Anyhow what is much more important in games than the story - is how it is beeing told and from my point of view D:OS is actually doing it pretty great.

So my point of view:
I dont see how people can rate D:OS Story low without giving almost every other game and movie a 0/10 for story ...

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