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So my point of view:
I dont see how people can rate D:OS Story low without giving almost every other game and movie a 0/10 for story ...

Exactly. That is what is so frustrating seeing some of these reviews. People want to put on their elitist hat and be extremely critical of D:OS, but then ignore the fact that we have had a decade or more of games that if were judged with such critical nature would score barely a few points.

People can't score something like Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect 3 in the 90+ and then turn around and be so critical as to give D:OS an 80's score or lower. It removes all credibility, it reeks of bias and it makes them look like an idiot.

Seriously, go look at the scores from these reviewers on Metacritic. They give an 80 for D:OS after dealing out 100's to numerous garbage titles.

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