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I can also unleash two AOE's for 400-800 damage in a single round every round for 3 rounds in a row when hasted.

"I can use two 6 turn cooldown abilities every round three rounds in a row."



For any fight that isn't wiped with the initial warrior AoE (You only get one whirlwind ever, so you don't get to use the good AoE on more than one character) the mage AoE is far better due to more utility, more skills, and lower cooldowns.

Yeh, typo. Whirlwind + Dust Devil.

Meanth 3 rounds of megabuffed warrior in general w/ AOE's wiping most initially.

And you can get multiple Whirlwinds. One spawns in a cellar in Cyceal West (100%) but Aureius also sells it.

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