With my level 16 Dex char I took out 4 mobs in a torture chamber on my own (I got hit once the whole time).

My gf had control of her fire mage and madora, while I'd parked Jahun outside and crept in... after some rock paper scissors winning I suddenly found myself in combat with an Imp, a fellow Orc torturer and a guard (the 4th member of this soiree was another orc guard who didn't show up for 2 further turns).

Thanks to a double charm (1 ranger 1 rogue) in my first turn I used the orc torturer ss a meatshield and started shooting my own charmed imp!

I finished the imp off in one round with arrowstorm! (16 arrows, point blank, in his face) then helped on the orc guard, in less than 3 rounds I'd taken down 3 guys and was suddenly... TRIPPED by the other orc coming around the corner.

He walked up to me, tried to smack me and... EVADE! MISS! SOMEKINDOFHITthatmademestandup.
So I arrowstormed! him in his face for 90% of the health, and shot him with another arrow for good measure to finish him off.

The strength of a rogue is not in how much damage they put out, but in the charming, the 4 point CC for all occasions (immune to trip? blind! immune to blind? stun! immune to everything? invisible and let madora worry about it!). But with backstab damage only getting better later on (it feels weak early game but does get stronger past level 10) they've done a good job with Dex chars being the best at board control. (especially if you have 12 action points each initial round for a double special arrow shot of cloud > stunning combo).

But yes, for raw damage, dex chars are weaker - so it's good they get more board control to compensate.