Just want to chime in my 2c.

The save crash appears to be caused by my documents not using the default locations. I play at work, and found that when on my domain account that redirects my docs to a sever location. I never get the Larian folder created in to the my documents folder. Causing the save crash\having to recreate a profile every time I launch.

The having my docs redirected only appears to affect this games ability to save as I have plenty of games installed that have no saving issues.

To test it a bit further I created a local user account on my pc and logged into it. I launched the game created a profile started a game and saved on the beach successfully. Exited the game and came back in to find my video settings intact and profile still in place. Checked the my documents which on the local account is in the default windows location and found the Larian folder along with its appropriate contents.

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