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Metacritic is a scam itself, as well as the whole gaming "media" so... i dont see much of a point.

Metacritic isn't scam, it's just a site that collects reviews and gives an average score (based on more or less transparent politics). You can like that or not but that's not the same thing as a scam.

They allow people to scam it is the problem. That 78/100 review on D:OS was a fake review designed to weight the score from getting close to 90. Metacritic won't remove the score even when it is proven as fraud and so even if the next 5-10 reviews come in at 90, it will raise it a point or so at most.

Have you any proof for that claim or is it just your speculation/forecast? But multiple people already notified this scam review to metacritic, so we'll see what will happen anyway. wink

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