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Mass Effect 3 is a horrible RPG and it isn't just because of the ending fiasco. Those games aren't going to repair 5-6 points just because they fixed a single problem.

Well, I think Mass Effect 3 is a great game and I have every right to think so (and so do many reviewers). And I indeed think that Mass Effect 3 was a typical victim of internet flamebaiting and herd instinct. You can clearly see this by just reading a lot of the negative user reviews at metacritic. There is a difference between serious criticising a game and giving 0/10 points... wink

To be fair, he didn't say it was a horrible game, just that it was a horrible RPG. Hopefully, we can all agree on that.

Not really. That in itself depends a lot of the definition of RPG. In some elements Mass Effect 3 was imo a better RPG than D:OS but that's little worth in itself. That's why I refuse to think in such limited categories/genres in general... wink

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