I've seen a similar thread but my problem is farther into the game. I've just unlocked the armory, Zixzax stands outside it and says the usual line "I wonder what awaits you in the next chamber. I wonder what they'll say." I go into the armory, explore the place entirely, see no one to talk to, so I leave, but Zixzax is still standing near the portal saying the same thing. I leave the End of Time, use a blood stone, getting another star stone, go back to the End of Time, but no additional portals are opened and Zixzax won't talk to me, still saying the same line. I read in the other thread people had this problem and fixed it by killing him or teleporting him, I did both several times. If I KILL him I can talk to him but he won't move, and also won't open additional portals. Needless to say, this bug breaks the game. Anyone else experience this and manage to fix it?