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[CR 4] Improved Cloth Armor +Sm, Def | Leather Scraps + Any Cloth Armor

Simply does not work

Tryd it with every possible slot, im cr4 but it doestn even show "crafting to low".

quick test please: For the same armor that you cannot apply Leather Scraps could you apply various Essence? Also, could you give me the name of the cloth armor?

Edit: quick test #2 - Craft cloth armor (cloth scraps + normal needle & thread) then add the leather scraps (CR4) or metal scrap (CR5).

Edit2: Robes do not count as "Cloth Armor" for some reason. Pooh. However, I did get it to work with crafted cloth armor. I'm not sure how to visually tell which cloth armor counts as Cloth Armor v. Leather Armor.

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