Many thanks to Rhidian for the tutorial that helped me create this. smile

This is a mod that includes a custom ItemCombos.txt and ItemComboPreviews.lsx. These are the files that define all of the game's crafting recipes. The intent of this mod is to provide a somewhat crude solution to recipes that are currently broken, or seem to be missing.

REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT: For this mod to work in an existing savegame, you will need to use an LSB renaming trick that Rhidian explains in this thread. Really boiled down version: Activate this mod, make a new game and save it, take that game's LSB and put it into your existing save game's folder, renaming it to replace the LSB that's there.

This mod is very much a work in progress. Now up to v03, I've covered: Joshua Spice, crafted shields, fixed magic big chicken / sharp claw, making all kinds of scraps, and several arrowheads: smokescreen, fire, water, and freezing.

It requires manual extraction so you'll need a little know-how to get it into your game. I'll give it plenty more polish if it does prove useful to the community.

Here's the link, to v03:

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