Missing arrow recipees should be:

- Smokescreen Arrowhead = Fire Arrowhead (fire) + Slow Arrowhead (oil)

And should require crafting 3-4+ this is a real powerful arrow since it "blinds" targets without any need for rolling, use this in front of your close combat characters and just wait for the enemies to enter the Cloud.

- Water Arrowhead = Bottle of Water (must be a bottle) + Basic Arrowhead

Crafting 1 as this arrow is mostly useless

- Fire Arrowhead = Basic Arrowhead + Any fire Source

This recipes in RL should be very easy craft, but since fire is such a powerful ingredient in other recipes in-game I think crafting for this arrow should be +4-5 also to force players to have to find on the game until they can actually craft them (like skill book crafting and scroll crafting)