Is there a way to make crafted stuff magical or better? It seems I always just can make a staff or armor with only +1 to 1 stat (random), what is kinda dissapointing. (lvl 16 only 1 in blacksmith, I will try to get more here since I'm curious on how big it affects dmg and armor buffs)

[CR 5] + Sm, STR & Sm, DEX | Any Weapon + Tormented Soul
[CR 4] + Sm, PER & Sm, DEX | Bow + Sextant
[CR 5] + Sm, PER & Sm, DEX | Crossbow + Sextant
[CR 5] + Sm, Sneaking | Any Apparel + Void Essence
[CR X] + Immunity to Falling/Slippery | Any Footwear + Nine Inch Nails

Would be so create if there were more of these with other stats.