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Fire arrowheads plus barrels of oil or cup of oil equals an explosive arrowhead right now. You be changing those recipes so they don't conflict with Dave's suggestion smoke arrowhead? Fire arrowhead plus water equals steam right now.

I like the fire arrowhead + slow arrowhead idea. Though I really appreciate there's lots of different feedback in the thread already. I really don't want this mod to be "mine" as much as it is the community's. smile

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Perhaps we can just use regular empty bottles as potion flasks? No need to put them in the oven.

On second thought I agree with the thoughts above. There are enough empty flasks, it requires exploration and planning. It bothers me a little that flasks are part of the arrowhead workflow... but I can see that filling that gap is probably too much of a good thing.

Going to wrap up with v02 in a bit here and call it a night!